Kiddo is a balanced mixed flavored nutritional drink that provides 44 vital nutrients to meet the essential nutritional requirements of your child? Unicity Kiddo Contains key essential nutrients to help kids grow. Each delicious shake provides protein, DHA, Colostrum, Recto-oligosaccharides, 28 vitamins and minerals, and green goodness.


  • Protein from soy & whey helps in growth, development, tissue repair & cell function.
  • Colostrum-builds immunity reduces infection, inflammation & illness.
  • Dha – brain health, eye, and heart protection, better learning abilities.
  • Fos – gut health & immunity.
  • Fibersol – digestive health and bowel movement.
  • Vita-mineral forte – proper growth may enhance verbal learning, maintain nervous system and rbc.
  • Green goodness – amla, apple, banana, carrot, spinach- nutrients from plants.

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